Just a quick one!

We just got back from a great trip to Bear Lake. That is probably my FAVORITE place!! I will post pictures soon... I actually did a mini session of my twins while we were up there. They aren't the most willing subjects, but I think I got a few good shots! I did a session the night before I left for a friends little family. This is just a cute one of one of her little guys!! Can't wait to work on the rest!


P.S. My WA trip dates are set. I will be there July 26th- August 4th. I am going to book up the 27th-31st first and if I need to open up a few more dates at the end of my trip I will!!


  1. Meg! I will be in Pasco from the 27th to the 3rd! Maybe we could meet up and do pictures?!

  2. This is adorable Meg! Can't wait for you to post the ones of the boys!

  3. Yeah Meg! thanks! i have been checking the internet just to see if you'd maybe put a teaser one online ...i lOVE that one of Liam. thanks for posting. i am anxious to see the rest! hope you had a great great time at BL. and that your boys cooperated for THEIR photo shoot, after a night with us you needed cooperation!!